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What is Žižkov?
The unique part of Prague, Prague's Montmartre, Prague's Bronx ... Žižkov is a a town in the city with the open-minded spirit and incredibly great number of pubs on every step. Thanks to a pleasant atmosphere and suitable prices, many of Prague's English-speaking-residents and ex-patriots spend more of their time here, than ¨in Prague¨...

In the 19th century this quarter was named after the genius Hussite's army commander Jan Žižka, who won a battle against Crusaders on the Vítkov hill (today's border line of Žižkov) in 1420 – the names of the local streets named after Hussite's warriors and reformens remind us of the event...

Žižkov experienced the biggest development by the end of the 19th and in the beginning of the 20th century. In that time it used to be one of the biggest Czech towns which is supported by the fact that the emperor Franz Josef visited it even three times!  The great city of Prague “ate” Žižkov in 1922 but even today you can feel different atmosphere here...

Lets remind ourselves of Jaroslav Hašek, who was writing his Good soldier Švejk in the local pubs, or Franz Kafka who used to visit his father's workshop here. The famous mark ¨Free Republic of Žižkov¨ comes from that time.

Forget about Golden Prague! This is the real Prague, where you can come across genuine residents, in their sorrow and joy, where you can eat and drink as much as you like for some normal price and  reveal a magic of Prague's forgotten corners.  

Thanks to its location, since 1990 Žižkov is a Prague's hotel zone. Here you will find dozens of hotels, hostels, restaurants, pubs and bars...

How to orient yourself at www.zizkov.info? In this moment there isn't any English version, but all the necessary information can be found on the left side of the menu – starting with restaurants, over shops, etc. All you need to do is to click at the particular item in the left menu and the database of local objects and institutions will appear.  

We warmly recommend the daily schedule – pop out to a real Czech country music at Na Vandru pub, to some top European bands at Palác Akropolis, to some classical music at the Atrium, or to a classic prewar cinema Aero. You are going to like it here!

Žižkov tours are given in English on special request with Prague-licensed guide and take 2 hours:

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